Agnes Forsthuber came into the world in the festival city of Salzburg.
As a little girl filled with a drive to research she wandered through the woods. Trees and plants gave her energy and inspiration. She wanted to conceive them „completey and utterly“ by which she all by herself implemented meditation in her life. Her first meditation object was the light which diffused through the forest canopy.

Agnes Forsthuber

After that she explored plants and trees, microscoped barks and leafs, whose ingredients she rubbed between her fingers to take up their individual smell. She made first herbals and began painting. With the age of sixteen she started Transcendental Meditation.

Promoted by her Professor of Arts at the school of fine arts, Michael Mair, Agnes Forsthuber received various scholarships at the world-renowned summer-academy at the Hohensalzburg Castle.

After matriculation she studied at the Mozarteum and decided to continue her studies at the Academy of Arts in Münster/Westf. at the department of visual communication and photography. She immersed into the „arts-scene“ in which artificial fabrications took on a growing significance. This was foreign to her being. Her longing for nature and the natural motivated her to conclude her arts-studies and move to Hamburg. In the end of 1980 she dedicated herself full of vigor and joy to the studies of natural medicine and becoming a natural health professional.

For 20 years now Agnes Forsthuber very succesfully works from her own practice as a classical Homeopath in Hamburg.

2005 she picked up her camera and proceed to the park nearby. This was the beginning of a rich and creative period. The usage and the teaching of the scientific Homeopathy lead Agnes Forsthuber into a deeper understanding of the central essences of minerals, plants and animals. From within these internalised insights she moves her camera into creative rooms that make the indescribable visible. She paints with her camera. Each and every of her images emerges straight and direct.

Agnes Forsthuber is a teacher of classical Homeopathy, Chi-Gong, holds the office of the second chairperson at Hamburg´s Drukpa Centre and in a very enthusiastically way conducts the role of the coordinator of the humanitarian foundation of Live To Love Germany.



An ingenious woman in many ways. A healer, an artist, spiritual woman who has dedicated her life to the grace of charity, being cherished by many as a model.

Gianna Wabner